Faber Homes Selection Center

Faber Homes has partnered with the Claridge Design Centre to assist their new homeowners with the design selections that go along with building a new home. But what made them choose us?


At Claridge, we do everything we can to ensure a beautifully crafted product is delivered with every new home we work on. It all starts with the products we stand behind. Our managerial team handpicked and approved each of our manufacturers because of the high-caliber products they deliver. We pride ourselves in offering a number of options to our clients, as no two homeowners are exactly the same. The quality of service received is second-to-none, far beyond that of a big box store.

Our Guarantee

We also guarantee to meet the schedule set forth by Faber Homes and our new homeowners. To stay on task we follow a strict schedule and have everything mapped out for completion... from paint selection to the installation of the flooring and cabinets. Our design staff understands the importance of these schedules and works together to get families into their homes on time. Beyond that, everything we do is double- and triple-checked to ensure we deliver nothing but the quality product Faber Homes owners have come to expect from us. Our staff treats each home as if it were their own, helping to craft the warmest, most-welcoming environment for the new owners. Our goal is that they leave us to begin their new journey in a home they can picture themselves in for many years to come.

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"My wife and I are in the process of building new house through Faber. Recently I signed of all Claridge papers. We had a wonderful experience meeting with your two specialists Sang Loi & John Vanoxx. They are very professional, knowledgeable & patient persons. We spent hours with them. Without their help we were not able to choose products for our house. We do not hesitate to say Sang & John are very valuable asset for your company and they deserve a nice raise & bonus during this financial year. Thank you."

Syed & Rubina